What we do

OISHII, a free informative magazine to introduce Japanese cuisine and
culinary culture to Singapore, and to the worldOISHII


OISHII is an informative English language magazine from Singapore that brings Japanese cuisine and culinary culture to the world.
OISHII introduces traditional culinary culture and ingredients, recipes, culinary journeys, distinguished chefs and food related cutting edge technology and much more for every season in Japan in a way that’s easy for English speakers to understand.

We hope this magazine will help people in the food industry expand their business from Japan to the world. Don’t miss useful information for your success in business.
We also contribute to attract foreign tourists to visit beautiful places in Japan by creating more fans of Japanese food.

  • Language:
  • First publication:
    October 2013
  • Issue date:
    Quarterly (Spring; April, Summer; July, Autumn; October, Winter; January)
  • Circulation:
    About 20,000 copies
  • Format:
    A4, left binding
  • Pages:
    40-56 pages in full colour
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Point 1

Reach to the world from Singapore
We developed about 450 places for distribution in the island from cafes/restaurants to shopping malls and offices. We target higher income people, general consumers including “fans of Japanese food”, and also B2B.
It features various region in Japan through collaboration with local governments in every edition.

Point 2

E-book, Facebook
Synergy effects with YouTube channel “OISHII TV”
All pages including back numbers are available online for free. News are updated often on Facebook by our reporters on the spot, which creates originality in the contents. Related movies are posted on the official channel “OISHII TV”. All readers can easily access it scanning the QR code in the magazine.

History of Oishii

  1. 2013 First publication
    First publication
    OISHII’s memorable inaugural edition. We valued the quality of papers and printing, wishing it would stay in your hands for a long time.
  2. 2014 First edition
    First edition
    The “Visit Japan feature” started, which focused a local area in Japan to promote its revitalisation. The first area we collaborated with was Yamaguchi prefecture.
  3. Oishii_23_Cover
    As an English magazine to introduce Japanese cuisine and culinary culture, we aim for further circulation to the ASEAN region in future.