Privacy Policy

Principle of privacy policy

We understand that the protection of personal information of our customers is extremely important. We will treat personal information provided by you on our website in accordance with this policy. With your understanding on this policy, we are committed to providing a better service.

Definition of personal information

Personal information means information about individuals such as name, birth date, gender, telephone number, email address, occupation and name of company that are personally identifiable.

Collection/utilisation of personal information

We will collect and use personal information to the extent necessary for the following purpose only.
We will collect and use personal information provided by you voluntarily, and in the event you provide your personal information, you are deemed to have accepted that we will use your personal information in accordance with this policy.

  • Necessary duties to offer our services
  • Providing information considered to be helpful and necessary for you including announcement of new services
  • Inquiry/confirmation from us that is necessary to perform our duties, and collecting opinions for a better service
  • Necessary duties for customer service and distribution of email magazines
  • Responding to your enquiry
Security management of personal information and email address

We will not disclose your personal information (name, address, telephone number, email address, etc.) that is personally identifiable to any third party without obtaining prior permission from you, unless otherwise required by law or legal authority. Such information may be used for the purpose of delivering news relating to new products and services.

You can request not to receive our email, email magazines or other information from us. Please let us know your intention not to receive any information by replying to our email, then we will stop sending our news, and also delete your email address upon your request.

Reference, amendment or deletion of personal information

In the event you wish to refer to, amend or delete personal information you provided, we will do so promptly within a reasonable time frame after confirming your identity.

Opinions/complaints/objections concerning privacy

When you think that we do not comply with this policy prescribed on this website, please do not hesitate to contact us via enquiry form. We will reply to you by email upon confirmation of the details, and take appropriate actions.

Consent of customers

We offer services based on an assumption that customers who use this website have agreed with this privacy policy. Customers are also deemed to have agreed with any amended or revised privacy policy for the purpose of better services and provision of services. We appreciate your understanding.


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