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February.5 2015

Media coverage activities of OISHII staff in Niigata prefecture, Japan, featured in the Niigata Nippo Newspaper

OISHII staff was featured in the February 4 (Wed), 2015 edition of Niigata Nippo Newspaper. The article reports about the media coverage activities that the OISHII staff conducted in Jōetsu, Niigata for the Niigata prefecture special feature that will be covered in the upcoming October 2015 issue (Autumn issue). A photo of Singaporean writer Dennis Lee, who was gathering information about cheese cake made with dobukuro (raw sake), was featured in the article as well.

OISHII staff also visited a confectionery shop, ski resort, a restaurant that serves local cuisine and sightseeing spots made famous by the feudal warlord Kenshin Uesugi. A wide variety of exciting information on Niigata prefecture will appear in the 10-page feature of our Autumn issue. Please keep a lookout for it!