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October.10 2017

Launch of ‘KANPAI! 2017’ Event

On 1 October 2017, also known as ‘Sake Day’, the 4th KANPAI! Event was launched. The main venue Beast & Butterflies, M Social Singapore was bustling with activities, including performances by the Japan Association of Singapore Taiko Club, sake and buffets, live broadcasts with sub venues, simultaneous toasts to lucky draws.





Among the 20 types of sake that were provided during the event, there are brands that have yet to be introduced to the Singapore market, such as Nagatokyo (Okazaki Shuzo) and Yamatoki (Kinko Shuzo). Participants were keenly absorbed in the partaking of the various sake and enjoyed themselves immensely.





Media Japan would like to extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation to the following sponsors: M Social Singapore, Sakemaru, Epicurean Nomads, TAWARAYA, Japan Association of Singapore Taiko Club, and sub venues’ Sushi Yonpachi, TOMI SUSHI Echigotei, Hana Hana, JUN Oden & Sake Bar, Takeda Shoten Sake Bar, Kabuke, Ami Ami and SUMIYA Suntec City. Thank you all for supporting the KANPAI! 2017 event and making it a huge success!