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March.8 2019

Interactive event for Izumisano city, Takeo city, Tsubamesanjo city

We held an interactive event aimed at B2C for the three cities Izumisano city, Takeo city, Tsubamesanjo city.


Participants were able to sample onigiri, also known as rice balls, made with “Sagabiyori” rice from Takeo City. After eating the onigiri, they wiped their hands using the “Izumishu Towel” from Izumisano City. They were able to compare the difference between the products on by how they feel their skin. Lastly, in this non-conventional interactive event, the participating local media and general consumers who were sampling ice cream were able to experience the best quality of the frozen product by using Tsubamesanjo’s “Heat Conducting Ice Cream Spoon”.


One of the participants said, “Interactive events that engage the five senses make stories much more memorable, and they are very effective as they convey their messages directly to the mind of the consumer.”