From Japan to Singapore, and further to the world. Connect Singapore and Japan. Then bring it to the World

What we do

MEDIA JAPAN is a Singapore-based media company.
Since we're based in Singapore, we are able to produce publications that meet the tastes of readers mostly in Singapore (companies and individuals) as well as the needs of advertisers.
We also produce and manage Internet media.


Singapore's only
Japanese free business magazine

AsiaX is an informative business magazine that delivers necessary information for people working in Singapore and other countries in Southeast Asia. It offers a wide variety of up-to-date topics that are valuable for business, including local news, interviews, special features and more.

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Free information magazine introduce Japanese cuisine and culinery culture to the world

OISHII is an informative English language magazine from Singapore that brings Japanese cuisine and culinary culture to the world. It introduces traditional culinary culture and ingredients, journeys that explore the charm of different regions, and distinguished chefs for every season in Japan.

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Production of publications, coordination of interviews/editorial project

We coordinate the production of all kinds of print media, logo designs, original movies and novelty goods.
We also arrange media collection in Singapore for travel guidebooks or whatever your purpose is.

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Our Missions

From Japan to Singapore,
and further to the world

We support every business person to expand their field in Japan, Singapore, and even further by offering useful articles essential news for readers.
We help marketing activities for a company that wishes to establish a definite presence in the market through our media.

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