What we do

Singapore’s only
Japanese free business magazineAsiaX

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AsiaX is an informative business magazine that delivers useful information for people working in Singapore and other countries in Southeast Asia. AsiaX is an only Japanese free magazine that mainly targets business professionals in Singapore.

It covers local news, interviews, special features, columns, classifieds and job vacancy information. We offer a wide variety of up-to-date topics that are valuable for business such as current affairs and social issues in Singapore and its surrounding counties, economic and financial trends, laws, culture/events, F&B topics and other information for reader’s daily life.

  • First publication:
    July 2004
  • Issue date:
    Once a month, first of every month (subject to change depending on a calendar)
  • Circulation:
    About 15,000 copies (This circulation covers almost 50% of Japanese residents in Singapore!)
  • Format:
    A4 size, left binding
  • Pages:
    More than 40 pages in full colour
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Point 1

Major readership is
Japanese people working in Singapore
Male to female ratio is 60% to 40%.
Although the major age group for both male and female readers is those in their thirties to forties, it is also popular among people of various ages from teenagers to seniors over 60 years

Point 2

Effective reach to the readers,
at an outing or at office
300 places for distribution in the island
At Isetan, MEIDI-YA, Books Kinokuniya, Japanese Association, more than 10 Japanese clinics, shared offices, hotels, more than 130 restaurants including Japanese restaurants and more.
Every issue is sent to over 2,000 offices of Japanese companies and other companies based on our own database for free.

Point 3

Synergy effects with website,
SNS and e-book
Our website is updated daily. The number of average page views per day is 13,000 (as of December 2016).
Twitter and Facebook are updated daily. E-mail magazines are also distributed to readers with the contents from our printed magazines and hot news. Back numbers are available on e-books.

History of AsiaX

  1. 2004 First publication
    AsiaX’s inaugural edition published in July 2004. Vertical writing was used with left binding, and the quality of papers was more similar to that of newspapers compare to the current one.
  2. 2007 100th edition
    The late Mr. Lee Kuan Yew appeared on the cover of the memorable 100th edition.
  3. 2009 New year special edition
    New year
    special edition
    Special edition published in every new year on 1st January. It is very rich in content with special design for all pages and special topics.
  4. 2014 10th anniversary special edition
    10th anniversary
    special edition
    In commemoration of 10th anniversary, we looked back the past decade of Singapore through impressive news.
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    We continue to deliver useful information and columns for your business.