We publish our own publications that meet the tastes of readers mainly in Singapore (individuals/residents) as well as the needs of advertisers,
and also manage and produce the Internet media.

Company name MEDIA JAPAN PTE. LTD.
Date established 11 September 2003
Company registration number 200308937E
Paid-up capital SGD235,000
Location Singapore:
4 Leng Kee Road #04-12 SiS Building Singapore 159088
NA building 7F, 7-28 Kita-Aoyama 2-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0061, Japan
Contacts TEL. +65-6748-1822
FAX. +65-6748-6133
Managing Director: Takeshi Naito
Main business activities Publication of AsiaX, a free Japanese business magazine in Singapore
Publication of OISHII, a free informative magazine to introduce Japanese cuisine and culinary culture
Production of publications, planning and production of leaflets/catalogues, and coordination of interviews/editorial research
Management and production of the Internet media

Our Missions

We launched AsiaX with the vision to become a bridge between Japan and Singapore,
and we have continued to make an effort to offer information that only a Japanese media company in Singapore can deliver.
With the launch in 2013 of our free English magazine, OISHII, we now also bring you more information on Japanese cuisine and culinary culture, and the charm of locations around Japan. Going forward, we will continue to provide useful articles and much needed news for readers,
and support everyone in their expansion from Japan to Singapore and then to the world.


Takeshi Naito, Managing Director
Joined a Japanese construction company after graduating from university, and experienced the Human Resources Department of HQ and Management Division for construction projects. In 1995, transferred to Singapore branch, and was in charge of business management for Singapore branch and the local subsidiary in Malaysia. In March 2003, the Japan HQ filed a petition for protection under the Corporate Rehabilitation Law and closed all overseas offices. After involvement in liquidation procedures, resigned the company in August 2003. Established MEDIA JAPAN PTE. LTD. in September 2003, held a position as Managing Director (incumbent).
Takeshi Naito, Managing Director